Monday, June 05, 2006

Little Tourist Attraction in San Diego

Supposedly there is a midgetville in San Diego, CA. This is a small community that is populated by midgets, or little people and it is located on what is called Soledad Mountain. Soledad has a large white cross at the top and is considered a prestigious place to live. I hear that the little people that live their want to blend into the community so it's not really publicized. The homes are smaller and the doors and mailboxes are much smaller too. There are midgetvilles all across the US. Supposedly in Utah, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you want more information about other unique tourist attractions, visit our website: United States Tourist

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shaky Massachusetts Tourist Attraction

The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing was founded in Manchester, England in 1747. The Believers became known as Shakers because of the trembling, whirling and shaking that affected them during worship services. Well, when a group came to America, they settled in Pittsfield, MA. Their history, influences and culture can be scene everywhere. The Hancock Shaker Village is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Massachusetts. Unlike the Quakers who settled in New England, the Shakers did not shun modern customs. They were very progressive for their time. If you visit their 18th century village, there is plenty to see and experience. Of course the Visitors Center and Museum Store presents you with all you need to know.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

A New Mexico Tourist Attraction with spicy hamburgers!

Our series of posts about great places to find the best hamburgers in the United States continues. Today we are profiling The Bobcat Bite Restaurant in Sante Fe New Mexico. This local establishment is known for their burgers with ample servings of green Chile. New Mexico and Sante Fe are known for their great southwestern cuisine. There is no better place than the The Bobcat Bite Restaurant to try this unique blending of America's favorite sandwich and the southwest's favorite ingredient the Chile.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chicago Tourist Attrcation Above all Others

No trip to Chicago, Illinois would be complete without a trip to the top of Sears Tower, the tallest building in the United States and third tallest building in the world. The observation area is called the Skydeck, and it sits on the 103rd floor of this giant building. You get a magnificent 360 degree view from there. Most days you can see 4 states, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and of course Illinois. The ride up takes just over a minute and you get entertained with a video presentation on your way up. At the top, besides the splendid views, you can explore the city's rich heritage. It's open at 10:00 am 365 days a year. Sears Tower is fairly easy to find. It's that giant black building in the middle of downtown...

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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Billy Goat Tavern and Grille, a famous Chicago Tourist Attraction!

Anyone who has heard the classic phrase, "Cheese Burgy, Cheese Burgy, Chips, No Coke, Pepsi!" probably wonders how the folks at Saturday Night Live made up this great comedy skit? Like many comedy sketches of our time, this one is based on the real restaurant, "The Billy Goat Tavern and Grille". This famous Chicago Tourist Attraction is a real place and it is the home of the curse of the Billy goat. Visit the web site of this great place to learn more about the billy goat legend and the history of the restaurant. If you are in Chicago, try their famous cheese burgys with chips but NO PEPSI....Only COKE!

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Oklahoma Longhorn Cattle Burger - Meer's Store & Restaurant - Tourist Attraction

We continue our posts on the best burger restaurants and tourist attractions in the United States. A very popular Oklahoma Tourist Attraction is Meers Store and restaurant. Today, The Meers Store and Restaurant is a prosperous family restaurant, famous for Meersburger - 7" diameter burgers made exclusively from the Texas Longhorn beef, raised on the family's ranch. The beef is free from antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones, and is lower in cholesterol than chicken. This delicious burger has been voted "Best Burger in Oklahoma" in the pages of the Tulsa World. Find this and other great Oklahoma Tourist Attractions at our web site United States Tourist and tell us about your favorite burger place or tourist attraction and maybe we'll include your post in our blog!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Wisconsin Tourist Attraction - Solly's Butter Burgers in Milwaukee.

One of Wisconsin unknown tourist attractions is Solly's Grille. This restaurant according to the folks in Milwaukee is home of the "worlds best burger." They have been serving the greater Milwaukee area since 1936. Solly's remains a family owned and operated tradition. Voted "The Best of Milwaukee" by the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Magazine this is the place to be for traditional American dining. They use only the finest ingredients like high quality sirloin, real butter and no-cholesterol oil, their menu items are prepared to offer you the best flavors of the food. Be careful though, because their burgers are "butter burgers" with fresh Wisconsin butter piled high on the burger. If you are staying away from cholesterol then you might want to skip Solly's this time around. Find other great Wisconsin tourist attractions at our web site United States Tourist and tell us about your favorite tourist attractions and we might include your post in our blog.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Louie's Lunch a top New Haven Connecticut Tourist Attraction

Louie's Lunch is said to be the restaurant that started tradition of eating hamburgers in the United States. This is a top Connecticut tourist attraction! This third generation family business is the first hamburger restaurant in the United States and is considered one of the best. If you are used to the traditional burger served with lots of fixings, you might want to think twice before you head to Louie's Lunch to try the original American hamburger. Their burger is served just like the old days on white bread with no ketchup or mustard. They even use the same grills that have been in use in some sort since 1895. Although the building is the original building, it is not in the original location. If you want to visit a rare slice of true Americana, go to Louie's Lunch for hamburgers the old fashioned way.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Congested US Summer '05 Tourist Attractions

The American Highway Users Alliance, AAA, and TRIP, a transportation research group have partnered to come up with the most congested tourist attraction areas in the US. They have predicted that this summer will be the busiest summer for US travel in history. They expect that over 328 million leisure trips are expected in the US this summer alone. The following list is what they predict will have the largest bottlenecks:

The Oregon coast
Tidewater region of Virginia
Maryland/Delaware shore
Branson, Mo.
Outer Banks, N.C.
Cape Cod, Mass.
New Jersey shore
Napa Valley, Calif.
Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish Country
Catskill Mountains region in New York
Pocono Mountains/Lake Wallenpaupack, Penn.
Provo Canyon, Utah
Yosemite National Park, Calif.
Asheville, N.C.
Sun Valley, Idaho
Lake Tahoe Area, Nev.-Calif.
Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H.
Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.-Idaho-Mont.
Presque Isle State Park, Penn.
Acadia National Park, Maine
White Mountains, N.H.
Lake George, N.Y.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Whitewater region, Idaho
The Hamptons, Long Island, N.Y.

If any of these destinations are in your plans, expect some delays. If you can change plans and maybe visit in the fall, you might be better off. The US is bursting at the seams with tourist attractions so there should be no way you wont find somewhere to take the kids. Patience is the key and expect that if you think a particular attraction is worth seeing, then many other people will feel the same way.

Use the United States Tourist Attractions Exclusive Directory of tourist attractions to find a tourist attraction this summer...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Visit the Chinese Forbidden City in Texas?

Is it possible to visit the Chinese Forbidden City without going to China? We know it is hard to believe but you can visit a life like replica of the Forbidden City in Katy, Texas. Forbidden Gardens is a fascinating outdoor museum replicating some of China's major historic scenes. Guided tours take you back to the third century BC to view the first Emperor's amazing 6,000 piece terra-cotta army replicated in 1/3 scale. The tour continues to the intricately detailed miniatures of the famous Forbidden City in Beijing which served as palaces for nearly 500 years of Imperial rule. Visit Forbidden Gardens and experience the mystery and magic of Imperial China. Forbidden Gardens is a must- see for everyone who wants to embark on an unforgettable journey to a faraway land without flying to China.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nebraska Attraction, Closer than England

Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska is an "exact" replica of the mysterious Stonehenge in England except that it's located in a field on the outskirts of town and built entirely out of cars painted gray to look "authentic". People come from all over the United States to view this oddity. The signs at the edge of town proudly proclaim "Alliance, Home of Carhenge". Of course the local Best Western sells carhenge souvenirs.

While your crossing the country, and if you cant get enough "Stonehenge" culture, there is always the Stonefridge in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yes, you guessed it, 200 refrigerators arranged in a dusty field. The sign nearby reads "From the Stone Age to the Appliance Age".

Of course, we can't leave out Foamhenge, Stonehenge built out of foam on the west side of Rt. 11 near the Natural Bridge Zoo, 1 mile north of Natural Bridge, Virginia. Swear to god, we dont make this stuff up.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Best Beach, top beach or #1 beach in the United States.

Everyone wants to know, what and where is the best beach in the United States? Well according to Dr. Beach, the best beach in the United States in 2005 is De Soto Beach Park in St. Petersburg Florida. This great Flroida tourist attraction is brought to you by United States Tourist

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Humphrey's concerts in San Diego a great tourist attraction!

Humphrey's concerts in San Diego is one of the best summer tourist attractions in the city of San Diego. Humphrey's is a hotel and concert venue located on Shelter Island. It is one of the premier concert venues in Southern California.

Humphrey's summer concert series is probably the best series of concerts in the United States. World class acts of all types from blues, jazz, country to comedy come to Humphrey's every summer. Sit on their lawn and face the sunset. Look at the sail boats and enjoy a drink in your seat. If you want an incredible summer music experience, Humphrey's concerts are where you need to be this and any summer. Find other great tourist attractions at our web site United States Tourist

Monday, July 11, 2005

First McDonald's is one of the Best Chicago area Tourist Attractions

The very first McDonald's franchise restaurant can be found in Des Plaines, IL, a close suburb of Chicago on the North side. Probably a 25 minute drive from downtown Chicago. Ray Kroc first opened for business there on April 15, 1955. An exact replica of the first restaurant is there along with the McDonald's Museum. The ground floor exhibits original fry vats, milkshake "Multi-mixers," soda barrels and grills, attended to by a crew of male mannequins in their original 1950s uniforms. There are red and white tiles from the original restaurant, and string ties worn by employees from the '50s to the early '70s. McDonald's corporate headquarters are also in nearby Oak Brook, as is Hamburger University (HU) where the McDonald's managers are trained to run the restaurants. To read more about the history of this tourist attraction, click

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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Brew Pub to visit in Honolulu, Hawaii.

So you are in Hawaii and your looking for a place outside of Waikiki to have a few cold brewskis and some pupus (Hawaiian for appetizer). Look no farther than the Ward Center not too far from the Intersection of Ward and Ala Moana Blvd.

When you are there, you must go to the Brew Moon. The brew moon is a top notch brew pub and is one of only 20 or so brew pubs on the island of Oahu. It is a $10.00 taxi ride from Waikiki and is a great spot. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Ward Center (not Ward Warehouse) and has a wonderful balcony that faces the sunset.

Their list of pupu's includes poki, chicken fingers, crab cakes and more. Their beer choices run from their Blackhole Lager to their excellent German style lager. They also have nightly entertainment that varies from smooth jazz to comedy. Check out what others say about it the Brew Moon at our link above. Find other great tourist attractions at our web site United States Tourist

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Abe Lincoln's Springfield Tourist Attraction

Abraham Lincoln, our nation's 16th President is buried in Springfield, Illinois near where he spent most of his adult life. He is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetary along with his wife Mary and three of his four sons. The other son is buried in Arlington, VA. His tomb has a 117-foot tall granite tower which is visible from anywhere in the area. Lincoln's tomb attracts visitors from all over the world, some of whom bring flowers as a tribute. As you drive up, you will see giant oak trees against gently rolling hillsides. His tomb features the famous bronze Lincoln statuary. It's worth a visit just to see this sculpture. Tourists often stop to rub the nose of this beautiful bronze bust at the entrance. Inside the tomb, you see bronze statues and excerpts from some of Lincoln speeches. A circular hallway leads to the marble burial chamber where Secretary Stanton's famous words command your attention: "Now he belongs to the ages." A red marble marker stands above the area where Lincoln's coffin lies. His body actually rests below the floor in a steel and concrete-reinforced vault. If you visit at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evenings from June through August, you can see a flag-lowering ceremony enacted by volunteers in Civil War uniforms.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Biograph Theatre, A Rich in Tradition Chicago Landmark

The Biograph Theatre on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago is best known by Chicagoans as the place where John Dillinger was shot and killed in 1934. The theatre is supposedly haunted (by Dillinger himself). I used to visit the Biograph back in the 70's when it played mostly 2nd run movies and midnight showings of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. They had the seat in which Dillinger was sitting in the night the Lady in Red gave him up to the feds painted white. Dillinger sat right near the side exit in case you were wondering. It has changed ownership several times since then and is currently being renovated for a theatre group to move into. For those interested in visiting the historical locations in Chicago, the Biograph is worthy of a look. It's just a few blocks north of where the famous St. Valentine's Day Massacre took place.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Visit the second country music capitol of the United States - Branson Missouri

When you think of country music, most people think of Nashville, Tennessee. The other lesser known or 2nd country music capitol of the world is Branson, Missouri. Branson is located about 40 minutes south of the "Queen City"...Springfield, Missouri.

Branson is home to the custom theaters of many old time great country performers, such as Roy Clark and Charley Pride. If you want a dose of traditional country music in a folksy type setting, look no farther than Branson, Missouri.

A great web site for Branson tickets is: Branson there you can find tickets and information related to all things Branson.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Great dive bar tourist attractions in San Francisco - Chinatown

A lot of people want to go dive bar hopping when they are looking for San Francisco tourist attractions. Many people are afraid to enter a dive bar they aren't familiar with. Next time you are looking for imbiding tourist attractions in San Francisco's Chinatown, you must stop and have a drink at Mr. Bings on the south edge of Chinatown not too far from the Transamerica pyramid.

Mr. Bings is located at 201 Columbus Ave. at the corner of Columbus and Pacific Ave. It is shaped like the letter V and is on of the best dive bars in the city. Most locals are of Chinese decent and can usually be found playing dominoes or cards on the one side of the bar. The other side of the bar is reserved for tourists and passerbys. Mr. Bings has great liberal and affordable drinks and a wide variety of beer. Look for Robert (Mr. Bing's son) in the day time and "Hawaii Bruce" in the evenings. Don't forget to offer to buy a few rounds for the bartender. That is customary when visiting this local bar.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Memphis Tourist Attraction

Of course I'm referring to Elvis Presley's 14 acre estate Graceland. His home from the late fifties till his death in 1977. You can take a new audio guided tour with the voice of Lisa Marie as your tour guide. You get to see his living room, music room, kitchen dining room, parents room, pool room, TV room and the famous Jungle Room. Also on the tour is the racquetball building and the trophy building where you can see his enormous collection of gold records and memorabilia. The tour ends in the Meditation Garden where Elvis and the rest of his family is buried. Everything all along Elvis Presley Boulevard where Graceland is situated is pretty commercial. There are gift shops everywhere so if you come looking for souvenirs, you wont have to go far.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Houston Tourist Attraction that is out of this World

Any trip to Houston, Texas should include a trip to the Johnson Space Center (NASA) located just SW of Houston. Did you know that the word "Houston" was the first word spoken from the surface of the moon? "Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed". Of course you get to see Mission Control, the room that you see on TV all the time whenever there is anything to do with the space program. But the tour through the JSC is much more than that one room. You get to see and touch an actual lunar module, a lunar "car" and see real "moon rocks". The Johnson Space center is where the training for all the space travelers take place. You will also learn about future projects that NASA has planned. No rockets are launched there. They all launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida. But outside, layed on it's side is a real rocket that you can actually see close up. Over 15,000 civil servants and contractors work at the JCS, out of which only 110 are astronauts. Of course they have a great gift shop where you can pick up some souvenirs.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Boston seafood restaurant - Legal Seafoods restaurant chain

When you think of seafood and Boston, you probably wouldn't think of going to a restaurant chain like Legal Seafoods. Let's face it, most restaurant chains serve ordinary food. If you like a wide selection of seafood entres' and you are willing to try a chain restaurant, then we highly recommend Legal Seafoods in Boston as a top seafood restaurant.

Legal Seafoods is known for their fantastic New England clam chowder, oysters on the half shell and excellent variety of fish. I love their pastas too! The nice thing is, you can eat at one of their locations at Logan airport on your way out of town.

If seafood is your preference, try Legal Seafoods. You won't be disappointed. Find other great restuarants and tourist sites at our web site United States Tourist

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kentucky Tourist Attraction, Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave in South Central Kentucky was one of the most interesting tourist attractions that I ever visited. The caves are home to about 130 forms of life. All of whom have adapted to cave life. It has in it's underground world more than 360 miles of explored and mapped caves and tunnels. That's approx. the distance from San Diego, CA to Las Vegas, NV! Geologists estimate that there are still over 600 miles of unexplored caverns. Of course you don't have to hike the entire 360 miles. The National Park Service has it conveniently laid out in short tours which range from 3/4 mile to the Wild Cave Tour which is over 5 miles. Most of the tours have restrooms and most sell out in advance. As it exists right now, it is three times the size of any other known cave in the world.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy one of the United States great thrills. For other outdoor (sort of) adventures, check the exclusive directory in

Friday, May 20, 2005

Memphis Tourist Attractions - Bar-B-Que Restaurant is special.

Memphis tourist attractions are known mostly for their blues and rock and roll. This Memphis tourist attractions draw is the world class Bar-B-Que. There are many great barbecue restaurants in Memphis but none like Jim Neelley's Interstate Bar-B-Que.

This world famous establishment serves up some of the best smoked pork ribs in the world. Interstate was rated as the second-best barbecue in the nation by People magazine in 1989. Vogue magazine pronounced it the best commercial barbecue in Memphis. After a two-month search of numerous restaurants in Memphis, The Commercial Appeal named Interstate Bar-B-Que as the home of the best all-around pork barbecue sandwich in the city in 1989.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Southern California Taste of India

We discovered a Southern California Indian restaurant in Temecula that was amazing. The food was so authentic and well presented that I felt we were actually in Bombay. A Taste of India is it's name. The aroma that smacks you as you enter is heavenly. I dont know all the exotic spices that the Indians use to cook with but whatever they are, they combine perfectly for a wonderful experience. Of course the owners are Indian and speak with very thick accents, but because we are experienced Indian cuisine experts, we knew just what to order. If you've never had Indian food, please take my word for it and eat at an Indian restaurant as soon as you can. If you're anywhere near Wine Country Temecula, just north of San Diego, do yourself a favor and stop in. I guarantee you'll like the food.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Hawaii tourist attractions - Hawaii tourist attractions volcanoes.

Hawaii has thousands of tourist attractions. One of our favorite Hawaii tourist attractions in Volcanoes National Park on the big island."Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, established in 1916, displays the results of 70 million years of volcanism, migration, and evolution -- processes that thrust a bare land from the sea and clothed it with complex and unique ecosystems and a distinct human culture. The park encompasses diverse environments that range from sea level to the summit of the earth's most massive volcano, Mauna Loa at 13,677 feet. Kilauea, the world's most active volcano, offers scientists insights on the birth of the Hawaiian Islands and visitors views of dramatic volcanic landscapes." Click here to visit the official web site. Visit our web site United States Tourist to find other unique travel sites. Tell us about your favorite travel sites and we may include your post in our blog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Southern California Coast Tourist Attraction for Chiliheads

Southern California, or more specifically San Bernardino, hosts the annual California State Chilli Cookoff sponsored by the International Chili Society. This event happens every May and is a huge event where people come to taste some of the best chili there is around. There are about 40 chili teams and there are about 40 different kinds of chili. You arrive late morning and for $3, you get to sample the chili from all the teams. Then you vote for what you thought was the best and they receive the Peoples Choice award. Then at 4 pm, the teams all submit their best chili for judging where the winner gets to compete in the National Chili Finals against winners from all over the country. Only those that have won a sanctioned cookoff get to compete in the Nationals which happens in late October or early November. Its a huge event that attracts thousands. It usually takes place in the western US. This years venue has not been announced yet but check the for more information.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The best steak restaurant in Dallas - Ft. Worth

My favorite Dallas - Ft. Worth steak restaurant is Cattlemens. Great steak is an American tradition. Of course everyone has their favorites steak restaurant for different reasons. I like Cattlemens in Dallas - Ft. Worth because their steaks are incredibly tender and affordable.

Cattlemens is located on the edge of the Ft. Worth stockyards. Come on people, can you actually get steak that is fresher than that! I don't think so. Cattlemens is not a fancy restaurant. It is for good ole boys and gals who want some great grub!

Don't order your steak medium well or well done either, unless you want to get kicked out of the place! Click here to visit Cattlemen's web site. You can also order their great steaks on-line if you are planning a trip to Texas any time soon.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Chicago Tourist Attraction that’s a Homerun

In a near north neighborhood in Chicago sits one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Its been there since 1914. Of course I’m referring to Wrigley Field. Home of the Chicago Cubs since 1916. Ironically, the Cubs have not won the World Series since they made Wrigley Field their home. Up until 1988, they didn’t even have lights. All the games had to be day games, the way God had originally meant baseball to be played. I spent many days sitting in the left field bleachers watching my beloved Cubbies lose game after game. But it didn’t matter because you were at Wrigley Field and that made it OK. Sitting in the sun, drinking beer and watching major league baseball players like Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, then later, Sammy Sosa and Kerry Wood. Tickets are a little harder to come by now but if you really want a chance to experience what real baseball is in a real baseball stadium, look no further than Wrigley Field.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Boardwalk, a New Jersey Tourist Attraction

If you are on the east coast anywhere near Atlantic City, New Jersey, check out a real New Jersey Tourist Attraction, the Atlantic City Boardwalk. To give you some perspective it is basically a year round carnival on the water. There are things for people of all ages. There are the typical carnival things such as games, rides and food. However, at the Boardwalk, you will probably spend half of your time people watching. Let me tell you ther are some interesting folks that like to cruise around this place. It is a little hard to explain, but trust me once you've been there you would get my point. The thing I like the best is the carnival food. Not that it is that great, but it is the stuff you only get at these typs of locations. This would be a fun day trip, but I would leave this place by susnset. I don't think it is the safest. However, during the day it has all the sights, fun, ride and food. I think it is definitly worth a short drive to spend the afternoon at this carnival on the ocean front. This message brought to you by United States Tourist Attractions.